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Otedamako (お手玉子 )
One of Tiger's Eye's female Lemures, a juggler, summoned forth from his shadow in episode 131 to battle Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon after he extracted Naru Osaka's Dream Mirror. After separating the two Sailor Soldiers by tossing some exploding juggling balls in their direction, Otedamako-chan attacked Super Sailor Moon by throwing flaming pins at her, though this quickly ceased after Super Sailor Chibi Moon used Twinkle Yell to summon Pegasus. The appearance of Pegasus impressed the Lemure so that she almost immediately stopped what she was doing and actually began to applaud in flying unicorn. Tiger's Eye was unable to capture Pegasus with the help of the Minus Energy Cage, so he ordered the lemure to eliminate both the senshi and Naru. However, she was prevented from doing so by the timely intervention of Tuxedo Mask, who distracted her by throwing his roses in such a manner that they formed a pretty decorative pattern in her hair. Otedamako-chan was subsequently destroyed by Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation. Otedamako-chan had dark green eyes, purple hair, and pale blue skin.


Voice Actors
Maruta, Mari
Katan, Orli