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Formerly known as Hino Hakuya. Former student of Ogawara Genta, pilot of the Moribito Type-01 as well as leader of Kyomu and Aoba's father. Kokushou (meaning Dark General), wasn't always so hating of the world.

Kokushou in anime
As a child, Hakuya was in love with Akana. Later in jealous rage he tried to kill Genta. Instead, Akana threw herself to stop Hakuya, dying in the process. This drives Hakuya on a nihilistic quest to destroy the world. Soon after killing Akana accidentally, Hakuya rapes Shizuka.

Kokushou in manga
As a young boy, Hino Hakuya lead a bright and happy life as a Jinki test pilot, and with the love of his life, Tsuzaki Shizuka by his side, nothing was better. However, he would one day be scarred when the Venezuelan military holds Shizuka hostage so that he would crush a peaceful riot with the brutal murderous force of a Jinki, the Moribito Type-01. When he returned to base, he learns that Shizuka had been raped by the soldiers, and in his rage, slaughtered everyone else he saw. Hakuya would come to the conclusion that Jinki are evil, and he set out to kill every living Jinki scientist to cleanse the world of it. In the ensuing chaos, Hakuya would kill many, until he faced his former mentor, Ogawara Genta, in a Jinki battle. Hakuya would be blinded in that battle and though he lost, he would from then on curse the living and promised the destruction of all.

Thus Kokushou was born. Kokushou would gather a group of elite soldiers, and create the Hachishoujin. He created the clones, Shiva, and Akao, and with aid from unknown benefactors, he was supplied with many Jinki and bio soldiers to achieve his ends. Kokushou pilots the Moribito Type-01 in the manga. In the anime however, he was seen only to have piloted the Kiribito Core. (Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Namikawa, Daisuke
Gremillion, John