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Exsedol Folmo

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Exsedol Folmo (エキセドル・フォルモ)
Exsedol Folmo is a fictional character in the Macross universe. He first appeared in the original Macross.

The character was voiced by Ryūsuke Ōbayashi in the original 1982 Japanese animated TV series. In the 2006 ADV Films Dub he was voiced by Andy McAvin.

According to the fictional continuity of Macross, Exsedol is an alien Zentradi records keeping officer (a walking living encyclopedia) attached to fleet commander Britai Kridanik, and would always be seen at the side of his superior during Space War I giving advice. He is a Zem First Class "Archivist" Official in the Britai Fleet and his memory capacity is said to surpass any electronic device that ever existed, as he keeps details of every combat in the entire 500,000 year old Zentradi history for instant recall. During their first contact with the humans and upon their discovery that they were miclones, Exsedol advised that they should be left alone, quoting an ancient Zentradi battle directive. However, this particular piece of advice was ignored by his superiors.

Much later, when the Britai fleet had decided to defect to the humans side, he was micloned and sent to the Macross as a peace envoy. When the war ended and UN Spacy was re-established he joined up as an advisor. Some time later, he reverted to his larger size and his body went through major alterations as a precaution against him losing the trove of information lying in his mind, which explains his altered appearance in the later Macross productions.

An unnamed Zentradi advisor who greatly resembled the Macross 7 Exsedol also appeared in episodes 12 and 13 of the Macross Frontier TV series. A human and Zentradi mall seen in episode 5 of Macross Frontier was also dubbed Folmo.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
McAvin, Andy
Oobayashi, Ryuusuke
Pissardini, Marcelo
José, Francisco