Hiroshi Ozora

Hiroshi Ozora

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Hiroshi Ozora (大宇宙寛)
Hiroshi has always dreamed about being a superhero. He's been struggling for a while to realize a concept that's been boiling in his head since his college days studying under Professor Amagi. After many failed attempts, he makes a breakthrough. By inputting brainwaves into his computer, he designs a pseudo-molecular suit that gives the user great strength, speed and power. This was made possible by using a rare item called the Mol Crystal as its core.

Now armed with this incredible piece of technology, he decides to make a name for himself by performing many heroic deeds around Tokyo. This earned him the nickname Captain Tokyo. Later on his sister, Mirai Ozora, changes the name to Moldiver.

Voice Actors
Morikawa, Toshiyuki
Hayter, David
Artaux, Cyrille