King Morpheus "Morphy"

King Morpheus

Little Nemo
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King Morpheus
The king of Slumberland and the Princess's father. He ordered the Professor to bring Nemo to Slumberland to be his daughter's playmate. He shares an interest of trains and machinery with Nemo, who grows very dear to him. The king, in spite of his expected responsibilities, has a habit of sneaking off to his playroom (where he accidentally runs into Nemo who, at the time, wasn't aware of who he was). Morpheus decrees that Nemo is to be trained to be Prince of Slumberland and gives him "The Golden Key" which can gain him access to anywhere in Slumberland (provided Nemo promises not to open the door with the same symbol as the key on it). He gets kidnapped by the Nightmare King at Nemo's coronation, prompting Nemo to set off after him, along with the Princess, Prof. Genius, Icarus, and Flip.

Voice Actors
Utsumi, Kenji