Rikka Hiiragi

Rikka Hiiragi

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Rikka Hiiragi
She is a female second-grade elementary school student who just got transferred into Seiyo Academy. She has a high spunk character and always being distracted whenever someone was talking to her. She is very kind and caring to poor things, for example, watering a plant in the sidewalk and saving a kitten from a tree. Ever since when she first met Amu Hinamori and the Guardians, her dream goal is wanting to become a Guardian herself.
Rikka has the rare ability to see Shugo Charas and to communicate with X-Eggs without having her own Heart's Egg.
Source: shugochara.wikia.com

When Hotaru Character Transforms with Rikka, they become "Pure Feeling". She "slightly" resembles "Amulet Diamond" by the yellow clothing and hair style.

* Appearance: She seems to show 40% of her bare skin to probably show the pureness of her. There are six sun-like orbs on her back which resemble an image of a "sun" on Hotaru's egg. Some of her clothing resembles Hotaru's, and she wears orange hair bands on her hair.

* Abilities: As Pure Feeling, she can perform Open Heart with Amulet Diamond; which doubles the power to restoring broken X-Eggs.

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Yun, Mi Na