Nemuru "Kamibito-sama" Kushinada

Nemuru Kushinada

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Ookamikakushi: Keshimurasaki no Shou
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Ookamikakushi: Kokihi no Shou
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Nemuru Kushinada (櫛名田眠)
Born: 5th January, 1968
Aged 15.
Height: 152cm, weight: 42kg
B:77 W:51 H:80
Blood type A

The class president of Hiroshi's class. Nemuru doesn't talk much and other students seem to keep their distance from her.
Extremely good at studying, and is rumored to be the top of the school rather than the year.
Strict about Hygiene, and is often seen staying behind by herself cleaning the tables and blackboards.
Rumor says that she drove all the teachers out of the staffroom to clean up a dirtied bed by herself.

Source: Game profile

Voice Actors
Ise, Mariya
Jeong, Yu Mi