Black Convoy "Scourge"

Black Convoy

Transformers: Car Robots
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Black Convoy (ブラックコンボイ)
One of Gigatron's twisted schemes involved corrupting a stolen Cybertron (Autobot in English dub) Cyberdrone (Protoform in English dub) with Combatron (Decepticon in English dub) programming. In the process, the Cyberdrone scanned some attributes of Fire Convoy, but the Combatron programming held—and Convoy's dark doppelgänger Black Convoy (Scourge in English dub) was born. Black Convoy is arguably Gigatron's second-in-command, leading the new Combatron forces, a much more effective unit than Gelshark's Destrongers.

He is a ruthless and cunning warrior who contains all of Fire Convoy's strengths and skill, but none of his compassion and mercy. He's also a very ambitious warrior, with plans to dethrone Gigatron!

Black Convoy's greatest strength is also his weakness—his temper. Fearless and furious, he charges into battle wildly hacking his broadsword as his trailer combat deck launches missile barrages overhead. Yet his rage also makes him impatient, petulant, and easily provoked; it also scares the heck out of his subordinates.

Naturally, Gelshark sees Black Convoy as a threat on just about every level. For once, he is right.

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Voice Actors
Kusunoki, Taiten
Stigler, Barry
Ron, Nir