Nagi "Angel Zero" Jinno

Nagi Jinno

Makai Tenshi Djibril 3
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Nagi Jinno (神野 ナギ)
Height: 148cm
Size: B73 W53 H74 A
Birthday: October 5
Blood Type: AB-Angel Type
Seiyuu: Nagare Aoyama (青川 ナガレ)

Visual Novel
The newest of the Devil Angels known as Jibril, Nagi is in fact a computer program called N.A.G.I, or the New Angelic Gaia Interface. She is apparently only activated when the risk is too high for a normal human to be sent into the field. Once the major danger has passed, she is recruited to help with the main mission, after some kind of strange spell is being cast on Rika, and Hikari was captured...

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Voice Actors
Ichimura, Oma