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U-Ikasaman (う・イカサマン )
U-Ikasaman was a Daimon supervised by Mimete. She was the head of the dimensional rift created in the Tomoe Residence after Mimete shoved a number of different games into the Daimon creating oven while Professor Tomoe was not looking.

Apparently, she could manipulate the entire dimensional rift at will, threatening the Sailor Senshi that she would fling them off into another dimension if they did not play her games. U-Ikasaman claimed to be a pacifist, and said she did not like to resort to violence, but that did not stop her from sealing those who lost her games into giant playing cards.

She played games with the Sailor Senshi, but used methods of cheating to beat all of the Inner Senshi. After she lost to Chibiusa and Hotaru, she went back on her word and refused to let everyone go. Chibiusa then transformed into Sailor Chibi Moon and released Sailor Moon, who destroyed U-Ikasaman and the dimensional rift on the house.


Voice Actors
Kawanami, Yoko
Katan, Orli