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Barajou no Kiss
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Haruto Kisugi (来生ハルト)
Voiced by: Miyano Mamoru (Drama CD)
Age: 16
Position: Ex-Rhode Knight; the Yellow Rose
Ability: Anti-Gravitational Magic
Height: 177 cm (5'9.5")
Weight: 59 kg (130 lbs)
Birthday: October 9th, Libra
Blood type: B
Hobbies: Devising comedy routine scenarios
Dislikes: Bugs

Haruto is Anís's old classmate from Osaka who transferred to her school and has an Osakan accent and cracks bad jokes. He is extremely obsessive about Anís and at one point in time states "If you keep being so cute I will have to kill you". He is the Yellow Rose and is an ex-Rhode Knight. He tried to kill all of the other knights to be the "true knight". His alternate personality as the Yellow Rose makes him hate the other Roses because back in the past, he got betrayed and his life force was used to perform the devil's seal. In reality, he was very jealous of the red knight for becoming the true rose. The yellow rose then tried to break the seal, but then used his life to restore it when he failed. Haruto mistakes it as a betrayal. In chapter 11 Anís slaps him and tells him that no matter what she will like him as a friend. After they save the blue rose Anís gets sucked into the seal. Haruto pushes her to safety and says "... the punishment is not over" as he gets sucked into the devil's seal. He was saved by Shwartz just in the nick of time and found himself in Hong Kong, as seen in chapter 13, where Anís received a postcard all the way from Hong Kong with a smiling Haruto in front of a restaurant.

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