Shushou "Kyou-Ou, Saishou"


Juuni Kokuki
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Juuni Kokuki
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Shushou (珠晶 / 蔡晶)

Shushou, the queen of Kyou, has ruled for over 90 years, but she has the appearance of a young girl, since that was when she was chosen to become the new ruler. She ascended the throne twenty-seven years after the death of the previous king. Though strict and capricious, she has demonstrated herself to be a wise monarch. She also appears to have above-average strength in the anime, being able to make Shoukei bow her head to her with only two fingers.

The novel Tonan no Tsubasa relates her journey in the Yellow Sea and how she became the queen of Kyou.

Voice Actors
Yamazaki, Wakana
Maddalena, Julie