Chou "Kou-Ou"


Juuni Kokuki
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Juuni Kokuki
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Chou (張 / 塙王)
The King of Kou, known also as Chou, has ruled his country for fifty years and has tried his best to improve the state of Kou. However, he comes to feel that he will never be able to bring Kou the prosperity seen by the neighbouring kingdoms of Sou and En, whose rulers have ruled for six hundred and five hundred years respectively. When Joukaku, the ruler of Kei, dies after a reign of six years, the King of Kou comes to fear Youko's ascension to the throne of Kei, believing that as a taika like the King of En, she will be able to bring the ruined country the same prosperity as En and Kou will continue to fall behind.

As such, the King of Kou secretly supports the false queen Joyei, the younger sister of Joukaku who seized the throne without being chosen by Keiki, and makes various efforts to capture and kill Youko.

Voice Actors
Hashi, Takaya