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Kicker Jones (キッカー)
Kicker Jones: The son of Doctor Brian and Miranda Jones, Chad "Kicker" Jones was taken to Cybertron by his father when he was still a young child in the early days of the alliance between Earth and the Transformers. Terrified of the robots, Kicker fled, but wound up stumbling into the chamber of Primus, the sentient energy core of Cybertron, who bestowed upon him the ability to sense Energon. Kicker was subsequently used - a little too offhandedly - by Doctor Jones to locate Energon deposits, leading the boy to bear a grudge against his father, and against the Transformers.
When the Terrorcon attacks on Earth began, Kicker insisted that he be allowed to fight alongside the Autobots, and was given a battlesuit to protect him by his father. Unsure of what to do with the boy, Optimus Prime partnered him with Ironhide - something that neither of the two was happy about at first, but eventually, they became close friends. Throughout the series he overcame his fear with the Autobots and becomes a great friend with them. Kicker also developed a close bond with Alpha Q when he met the alien, Alpha Q helps him to open his eyes, stop being so stubborn and listen to his father and brokered the truce between him and the Autobots - when Alpha Q recreated the worlds destroyed by Unicron, he fashioned a world of grass and plains, based on an image of Kicker's childhood taken from his memory. Also, a mutual attraction exists between Kicker and Misha.

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