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Izumo (出雲)
Izumo, a half-demon who turns to a demon (under the name Gyuo) at night, but a human at day, is a clever philosopher who likes nature and the world. He is the one who knows how to make a shikon no tama, and a frog-demon with some other demons grab him so that they can start making a fake shikon no tama. Izumo agrees and makes many copies of shikon no tamas which only has small power. He said to the frog-demon that to make the copies like the real one, they had to collect the souls of people with Aramitama (Courage), Nigimitama (Friendship), Kushimitama (Wisdom) and Sakimitama (Love). He appears in episodes 94-95.

Voice Actors
Matsumoto, Dai
Kim, Yeong Seon
Tockar, Lee
Günther, Stefan

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