Shin Ten Gaku

Shin Ten Gaku


Shijou Saikyou no Deshi Kenichi
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Shin Ten Gaku (覚 神天)
* First appearance: Battle 201
* Age: 18
* Type: Dou
* Type: Katsujin Ken (Formerly Satsujin Ken)
* Martial Arts: Chinese Kenpo (Tài Jí Quán)

Gaku Shin Ten is the leader of the Santoryu Team and the strongest among the trio, Gaku holds deep resentment towards Ma Kensei, stating that "anything related to the Ma family must be exterminated, even if it is just a cat". He appears to know Ma Renka and Ryuu Genson.

Gaku is a cold, calculative and heartless person who sees his teammates as nothing but mere decoys to be manipulated, stemming from his interrupted execution for disregarding the head's order in the Black Tiger White Dragon clan, during which none of his friends were willing to step in and help him.

This heartlessness carries on to his expression, in which he is commonly shown with insane eyes and an eerie smile. However, after being told of the loyalty of his teammates, who pledge never to leave him behind again, he seems to hold a softer spot for them.

Initially, according to Kensei, Gaku hates the Phoenix Alliance because of its thousand year feud with the Black Tiger White Dragon Alliance. This hatred is revealed during his fight with Kenichi to be something more personal, which stems from when Kensei saved him from his death, causing him to be demoted to the lowest rank in the Black Tiger White Dragon Alliance and prevented from committing suicide.

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