Rachel "Castor" Stanley

Rachel Stanley

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Rachel Stanley (レイチェル·スタンレー)
First appearance: Battle 176
Age: 19
Type: Dou
Type: Satsujin Ken
Yomi Symbol: Steel
Martial Arts: Lucha Libre

Rachel Stanley is Castor of Yomi, Diego Carlo's disciple, and older twin sister of Ethan Stanley. She makes up the other half of Team Gemini alongside her brother and participates in the D of D tournament.

Rachel is a young fairly tall girl with long wavy blond hair down to her back and a very curvaceous figure and well-endowed breasts, both being as much so if more than any girl her age, including Miu and Renka. As a civilian, she usually wears her school uniform (that she modifies to be more revealing to show off her figure).

When she fights, Rachel wears her wrestling outfit for fighting that has arm bands with tassels on it with a revealing V-neck cover showing her breasts and has a very short skirt with tassels that reveals most of her legs and thighs. When she wants others to look at her, she tends to wear revealing outfits for attention.

Rachel has a very flamboyant personality, always wanting to be the center of attention, which she often achieves. She easily becomes upset whenever others gain more attention than her and she claims their "taking the spotlight" and is willing to perform anything to regain the attention of others, even if it means she embarrasses herself by ripping her clothes to do so, showing she's an attention seeker. Ethan said that as long as she has attention she does not care what happens to the world. She's selfish, spoiled, hot-tempered, and sarcastic. She's also a huge flirt, having Kenichi (unintentionally) grope her breast and teasing Kenichi about it despite it being an obvious accident and even kissed him on the cheek to make Miu very angry and even jealous.

She is also a very aggressive person and the more dominant of Team Gemini, often seen yelling, punching, and kicking her brother, and he, in turn seems very meek in front of her presence, despite their great difference in size. Despite this, Ethan loves his sister very much, but Rachel rarely shows any form of care towards her little brother.

Rachel seems to enjoy battle due to the attention it gets her, but is easily riled when an opponent grabs her attention, forcing her to beat the opponent in a very aggressive way. However, she usually holds back so as to create a more "spectacular" show in a somewhat sadistic manner and enjoys the suffering of others. She also follows her master's rule to fight only when there is an audience. Rachel also seems to have a penchant for humiliating other female fighters during a fight, as seen with the fight against Renka, where she subjected the girl to perverse submissions.

She displays her ability to manipulate and control the emotions of the crowd several times, an ability often exercised as she is always eager to be the center of attention. Frequently used in this is the element of surprise, where she pretends to be beaten and launches attacks back at her opponent, thus getting the most attention she can.

However, Rachel has shown some level of compassion towards others, such as when Miu was kidnapped by Jenazad, she took pity on Kenichi and decided to help him and his friends locate her due to the Shinpaku Alliance saving her from him before. Also, her time with Kenichi and his friends seems to have helped her mellow out somewhat, as she doesn't seem to be as aggressive as she used to (though this may be due to her master being locked up and is still obsessed with finding him).

Voice Actors
Kuwashima, Houko