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Kinnikuman (1984)
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Kinnikuman: Gyakushuu! Uchuu Kakure Choujin
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Kinnikuman: Kessen! Shichinin no Seigi Choujin vs. Uchuu Nobushi
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Kinnikuman: Kinnikusei Oui Soudatsu-hen
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Kinnikuman II-sei
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Terryman (ザ・テリーマン)
Classification: Seigi Choujin
Chojin Kyodo: 950,000 Power
Homeland: Amarillo, Texas
Age: 20, 22 (Golden Mask Arc), 24 (Throne arc), 58 (Kinnikuman Nisei)
Height: 190 cm
Weight: 95 kg
Gender: Male
Blood Type: O
Trainer(s): Doryman
Trademark Techniques: Spinning Toe Hold, Texas Clover Hold, Calf Branding
Debut (Manga): Volume 1, Chapter 7
Debut (Anime): Episode 1B

Terryman is an American Seigi Chojin (正義超人, Justice Superman) from Texas and Kinnikuman's best friend. On his forehead is the character 米 (Bei) and on his shoulders are the Star Emblems (スターエンブレム) which give him his Fighting Spirit. When he first appears he is very businesslike and looks down on Kinnikuman. But when he realizes that Kinnikuman has the same Burning Spirit as himself they become best friends.

At the 20th Chojin Olympics his left leg is shot and wounded by Kinkotsuman, causing him to have to wear an prosthetic leg in order to continue fighting (however, the leg can be removed very easily). After a while, the leg is no longer mentioned and it is largely assumed that he was healed by the Perfect Mask.

Whenever the laces on his ring shoes snap it signifies that one of his friends is in trouble. He is quite knowledgeable and is known for saying "Come to think of it, I've heard of this..." (そういえば、聞いたことがある…, Souieba, Kiita koto ga aru...) whenever he sees an enemy's technique and then going into an explanation.

He was modeled after real life wrestler Terry Funk and uses many of his trademark moves (The Spinning Toe Hold, Texas Clover Hold, etc.).

He refers to other people as You (ユー) (occasionally using the more common Omae (おまえ)) and in earlier chapters he referred to himself in the first person as Me (ミー).

(Source: Kinnikuman Wiki)

Voice Actors
Hayami, Show
Tanaka, Hideyuki
Lewis, Ted
Campos, Marcelo