Anaconda "Boaconda"


Kinnikuman II Sei
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Kinnikuman II-sei
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Anaconda (アナコンダ)
Length: 560cm, Weight: 900kg, Chōjin Power: 1,090,000. Mantaro's second opponent; he impersonated Special Man Jr. and fought Mantaro in a caged death match at the Hercules Factory. If it wasn't for Terry the Kid throwing peanuts at Anaconda, Mantaro wouldn't have defeated him. From India. He first appears as a fan submission on the cover art for chapter 374 of the original Kinnikuman as Snaker King. Trademark Techniques: Witch's Whipping Humiliation (魔女鞭の嬲打ち Majo-muchi no Naburi-uchi)、Serpent's Constricting Coils (蛇銅監禁囲い Jadō Kankin Gakoi)


Voice Actors
Inada, Tetsu