Scarface "Mars, Eskara"


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Scarface (スカーフェイス)
An Italian dMp that infiltrated the Hercules Factory under the guise of a mafia bruiser. His real name is Mars (マルス?). He is an Akugyo Choujin who poses as a Seigi Choujin and enrolls in the Hercules Factory after the destruction of the d.M.p Headquarters. He is a master of psychological warfare and is well-studied in Choujin Wrestling techniques and their weaknesses. He has long-standing relationship with Kevin Mask, having saved his life at one point during their d.M.p training days. After his loss to Mantaro, he disappears for a while, returning during the Demon Seed Arc as an Idol Choujin. However, his Akugyo Choujin side resurfaces during the Ultimate Choujin Tag Arc when, while initially joining the Idols to save Kevin Mask, he soon changes his plot to stealing the Completion Bulbs in order to restart the d.M.p.


Voice Actors
Nomura, Kenji
Thompson, Marc