Takuya Isurugi

Takuya Isurugi

Aozora Shoujo-tai
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Takuya Isurugi (石動拓也)
Birthday: April 11

The star of the series, Isurugi is an overly-eager air plane mechanic who loves everything about air planes. He repairs and works on them for the 801st and joins the team at the start of the series. Isurugi is a very positive and upbeat person, he keeps the teams spirits high and believes anyone who loves air planes so much can't be a bad person. He first develops a relation with Miyuki which causes jealousy within Mitaka, who even tries to split them apart by spreading rumors about Miyuki. Isurugi still cares for Mitaka however when she develops a fever, and eventually both girls fall in love with him. Isurugi nervously can't decide between the girls and states "One will be my girlfriend, the other will be my mistress!" Despite being unable to choose, Isurugi still maintains strong friendships with both girls and the others and remains positive and upbeat.

Voice Actors
Miki, Shinichiro