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Uchuu Kaizoku Captain Herlock
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Zoll (トカーガの戦士ゾル)
Zoll has appeared in both the original 1978 Space Pirate Captain Harlock series and in the feature film My Youth in Arcadia, sporting drastically differing appearances but with similar storylines. In Space Pirate, Zoll is a survivor of the Mazone invasion of his homeworld Tokarga. His people are assimilated into the Mazone caravan that is en route to earth, and the remaining military forces have been impressed into service in order to attack the Arcadia. Zoll is shamed by Harlock's show of respect, and escapes to confront the Mazone in a hopeless assault, lamenting that his two sons will remember him as a pawn of their enemies. He leaves in Harlock's keeping a memory device that holds vital information concerning the Mazone fleet.

Zoll appears again in Arcadia as a completely human-looking character, now a survivor of the Illumidas conquest of his homeworld. As before, his military has been given the task of assailing Harlock, whom they successfully drive back to earth. He has no sons, but rather a brother and sister, and when he learns of his planet's impending destruction by Illumidas, he and Harlock join forces in an attempt to mount a rescue of survivors on Tokarga. Zoll remains on earth to protect Maya and the other earth resistors, but dies during an uprising while attempting to save Maya and Emeraldas from execution, shot in the back by Prime Minister Triter.

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Voice Actors
Ikeda, Shuuichi
Yamada, Keaton
Prieto, Víctor
Virgilii, Massimiliano