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Shingo Chiryuu (知立 真吾)
The 16-year-old male protagonist. Several months ago he received a note from a girl asking him to meet her in private. After arriving, a morbidly obese girl takes her clothes off and confesses her love to him. Shingo becomes frightened because she is so huge, and tries to run away, screaming for help. The girl becomes very angry and flattens him within an inch of his life, putting him in the hospital for a month and claims he remembers nothing about the attack (ashamed he got beaten up by a girl). As a result of the encounter Shingo has permanent scars all over his body, and develops gynophobia, viewing all women as "dinosaurs," like the girl who attacked him.
Shortly after returning to school, he decides to join the boxing club so he can protect himself from women. However, after joining he finds out, to his horror, that all the other members of the club are women. Even more terrifying, Shingo discovers that one of the members is the same girl that crushed him so savagely, but has since lost a lot of weight. Despite his gynophobia and his weakness toward women, it has been shown that his anger or fear (from something happening to the girls) can overpower his fear. However, because of his fear of women it has given him a sonar-like sense of his surrounding, telling him if a woman is near by, even if that woman is a ninja.
A running gag throughout the series is even though he is terrified of women many women fall in love with him, most of the time through a misunderstanding through his fear of women.

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