Hiroshi "Hiro, Hakase" Kuzumi

Hiroshi Kuzumi

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Ookamikakushi: Keshimurasaki no Shou
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Ookamikakushi: Kokihi no Shou
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Hiroshi Kuzumi (九澄 博士)
Birthdate: November 17

Hiroshi is a 16 year old boy and is the main character of the story. His family moved to the city of Jōga due to reasons relating to his father's line of work.

The kanji for his name can also be read as "Hakase", so many people call him that as a nickname. Hiroshi is not fond of this nickname, because it makes people believe that he is smarter than he is. Despite this, he still allows Kaname to call him by it.

Voice Actors
Kobayashi, Yuu
Kim, Seung jun