Narika Shihoudou

Narika Shihoudou

Choukou Sennin Haruka
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Choukou Sennin Haruka: Ochitaru Jougen Injoku no wa
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Chouko Sennin Haruka
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Narika Shihoudou (四方堂 ナリカ )

Narika is the daughter of Shihoudou Seigen, and is in fact a member of the Jougenshuu.

She's three years younger than Takamaru. While she has martial arts training, in general she's more or less a normal girl. While sometimes she might seem cold, most of the time she is caring and helps out other people.

She has a thing for Takamaru. And while she is self-aware of her cuteness, she nonetheless feels a complex against Haruka about personality and body.

(Source: AliceSoft Wikia)

Seiyuu: Ringo Aoba (青葉 りんご)

Voice Actors
Aoba, Ringo