Xu "Third Enigma, King of Battle formation" Jia

Xu Jia


The Ravages of Time
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Xu Jia (賈詡)
Courtesy name Wenhe. Jia Xu is the third member of the Eight Enigma, genius military advisors handpicked by renowned veteran strategist Sima Hui 'Shujing' from his students. He's also arguably the most notorious among the Eight Enigma, due to his favorite sacrifical strategy, which twice has killed his lords for the sake of eliminating the common enemy (Lu Bu). As best friend of the Fourth Enigma Guo Jia, Jia Xu is a fervent believer in the 'Darkness ideology', the belief hailing actions of utmost cruelty, rather than of benevolence, as the ultimate mean to pave way for peace and prosperity. This causes his rupture with the way of justice Shujing taught, which he deems obsolete, and his premature graduation from the school of Shujing.

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