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Type-Mercury (アド・エデム)
He apparently landed in South America before the Common Era. As an attack-type life form, ORT boasts power on levels far beyond anything else. The former 5th Ancestor attempted to capture it and was killed in seconds. Afterwards, ORT has been treated as an Ancestor when it was discovered to have vampiric properties.

An alien entity some 40 meters tall covered with outer skin that is harder, more flexible, more temperature resistant, and sharper than any other substance on the surface.

It is said that as long as the battleground is Earth, it has no weakness. In addition to the ridiculously high attack parameters of the main body, it also possesses a special ability similar to Reality Marble Crystal Valley, the apparent invasion of Earth terrain by a horrifying but beautiful crystalline landscape. While some magi and the 27 Ancestors control internal worlds called "Reality Marbles," the one that ORT controls is on a completely different level.

By just ORT being there, the Earth is changing to the environment it lived in. That is, the rewriting of physical laws, a leaking of its "alien order/system."

If man is that which destroys the planet, then ORT is an invader that paints the earth world into an alien planet. Just by moving, ORT will cause the trees around him to crystallize, forming the crystal valley that surrounds him, resembling a spider web.

He can't be killed by Mystic Eyes of Death Perception as he oesn't have the Gaia concept of death, so the Eyes can't perceive it. It can be destroyed physically, though it would be exceedingly difficult.

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