Wahanly Shume

Wahanly Shume

Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari
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Wahanly Shume (ワウアンリー・シュメ)
Wahanly Shume is a good friend of Lashara, a brilliant inventor, and a genius when it comes to heavy artillery and gunpowder (ironically, she can't seem to hit her targets). While she may appear to be a 15-year-old girl, her actual age is 97 due to the time flow being slower in the Field Workshop where she lived prior to moving to the Swan with the others. She later invented the Kikkoujin, a steam-powered mechanoid resembling an Uchikoma with greater maneuverability than what a Seikijin would provide. Her Seikijin is brown with bull's horns made for heavy combat. Like Lashara and Chiaia, she might have feelings for Kenshi.

Wahanly is a student of Chiaia's father, Lord Naua, and learned most of what she knows about machines from him. She appears to have connections with everyone, as she ends up talking with just about everyone about her mechanoid developments. During the students plan to capture Kenshi, Wahanly designs a wireless steam-powered energy source, for the student's training suits, which can run up to fifteen minutes, in case the wired power connection is ever severed. Wahanly also procures the gravity canceling ring for Kenshi's super compacted stone sword.

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