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Kaie Karyou (迦遼 海江)
A Demon Master who is called "a genuine demon," a young man of 14 or 15 years of age with long, black silky hair and white porcelain-like face. Possess a beauty more fit to a young woman that is capable to charm anyone. Born from a wealthy family.

Evil natured, he possess such a heartless cruelty that one would doubt that he is really human. Rich in passion, he will laugh whole-heartedly over something enjoyable and smile just likes an angel over something sad. If God is absolute in his intellectual omnipotence, the devil is absurdly intangible and can never be understood by men.

He loves humans, never complaining regardless of how badly he is treated by them. However, when enmity is shown towards him he will regard the person as his worst enemy, even if he had a close relationship with the one in question previously. One who loves while completely lacking human-like emotion. Someone who hates something exactly because he loves them. An involvement between the real and the fake (in this case regarding "demon possession") is not allowed, and thus he hates the fakes, but considers them good source of nutrition for his limbs.

Much like Merem Solomon, he once lost both arms and leg and now the Devils that he commands act as his limbs when dormant. However, because there is a difference between functionality and comfort, he prefers to remain lying down on a bed without his limbs "attached." Karyou can "loan" his limbs to others and, in the case which the temporary carrier dies, the limbs will return to Karyou on their own accord. These Devils received a human-like form by absorbing Karyou's emotions.

(Source: Type-Moon Wikia)

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