Mitsuru Ashikawa

Mitsuru Ashikawa

Brave Story
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Mitsuru Ashikawa

Mitsuru is part of Wataru's class and seems to be popular with the girls. After being said that he was the one who started a rumor about a ghost and going into an abondoned werehouse, he ends up being kidnapped and beaten up by bullies from his school.
Wataru comes to his rescue and witnesses Mitsurus wizard powers, he summoned some sort of demon to put the bullies asleep.

Mitsuru tells Wataru about the existance of Vison and goes in a journey to fufill his own wish. Little is known about him but he is shown to be a very powerful and often reckless wizard, burning down forests and killing innocent people to reach his goal.

Voice Actors
Wentz, Eiji
von Jascheroff, Constantin
Créton, François
Marshall, Mona

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