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Hakka is the new President of the Ferrymen River Department in WFO. His personality slightly resembles that of Bekko's and Chika's father. He is sometimes serious, cool and mysterious, but at most other times he can be simply gay-like. He shows a rather sickening admiration and friendliness towards Bekko whom he calls "Bekko-chan," even feeling jealous of him because he has a "nicer ass." Motivated by Bekko's efforts in the Z-Loan office, he too sets up a loan company called A-Loan (Alive-Loan) and employs the trio Zen, Toko and Shuji. In actual fact, he is also the President of the ARRC (Akashic Record Reform Committee) and his real aim for creating A-Loan is to get rid of Z-Loan. He seems to know a lot more about the backgrounds and history of others such as Shiba and Michiru. In Volume 10 of the manga he reveals to Michiru that she is a Singularity and not a human.

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Voice Actors
Tsukui, Kyousei
Nath, Tobias