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Ayako Kawasaki

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Ayako Kawasaki (川崎 文子)
Kawasaki is a third year member of Fujigaya Girls' Academy. She is in the school's elite drama club and is slated to play Catherine in the production of Wuthering Heights.

She gets rather flattered by all the attention she receives as being one of the main characters in the much-anticipated play. Though she later starts to baulk at the idea of people constantly chattering about her and giving her no privacy, even after the play.

The fans around the school have taken to calling her "Catherine" after her character, much in the way they start referring to Sugimoto Yasuko as "Heathcliff."

Eventually she leaves to study in England after graduation, and it is rumoured that she is boarding with Yasuko; this causes Fujigaya to go wild with the news, even printing in the school's newspaper that Heathcliff and Catherine have "eloped" to England, though it is just enthusiasm on their part at the thought of the school's drama stars going to university abroad and being room-mates.

Voice Actors
Ono, Ryouko