Fujitsubo no Miya "Princess Fujitsubo, Fujitsubo no Nyogo, Lady of the Wisteria Pavillion"

Fujitsubo no Miya

Genji Monogatari Sennenki
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Fujitsubo no Miya (藤壺)
Due to her high status as an imperial princess and her resemblance to the Emperor's deceased love (Kiritsubo no Koi, Genji's mother), Fujitsubo becomes the Emperor's consort at the young age of fourteen. She is very close to the young Genji until he reveals that he loves her not as a surrogate mother or older sister, but as a woman. Wishing to avert any impropriety in their relationship, she buries her feelings and avoids him completely.

Voice Actors
Tamagawa, Sakiko