Jacqli "Jakuri, Mir"



Ar Tonelico II
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Jacqli (蛇刳, ジャクリ)
Age: Looks 15, actually 382
Height: 153 cm
Weight: 34 kg

She calls herself Jacqli. She has the special ability to control viruses. She seems to dislike humans. She initially gets in the way of Croix and his party, but soon switches over and becomes their greatest ally. Her knowledge of the mechanics of the Towers is invaluable and greatly surprises Shun. She seems to have a witty and semi-sarcastic personality, and looks like she trusts Croix enough to let him Dive into her. Her actual identity is Mir, the main boss of the first game. She traveled to Metafalss with Spica, the Grathnode merchant from Firefly Alley, and the two often make references to Lyner and his friends.

(Source: Wikipedia)

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