Torune Aburame

Torune Aburame

Naruto: Shippuuden
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Torune Aburame (トルネ)
Torune was a ninja of Konohagakure, a member of the Aburame clan, and a high-ranking member of the Root.

Except for the lower half of his face, his features were covered by a mask. Glasses were built into the mask obscuring his eyes as is common for the Aburame clan. He wore a short black jacket with red strands hanging over the shoulders, similar to Sai's and his partner, Fū's. This most likely shows allegiance to Root. He also wore a high collared, all black outfit with a red sash around his waist and what appeared to be an apron over his pants, similar to that of Neji Hyūga's. He also carried several pouches with him and wore a pair of black gloves.
When first introduced, Torune's appearance was that of a regular Konoha ANBU, complete with a white cloak and mask.

Danzō stated that he and Fū are two of the most-skilled ninjas in Root. Torune is part of the Aburame clan, and like the other members, he is skilled at using insects in combat. However, his bug techniques are rare even among the Aburame. He controls the many nano-sized, venomous insects that covers his body, allowing him to infect anyone with a mere touch.

Due to this he wears gloves and keeps his skin almost completely covered when not in battle. The insects spread onto the opponent's skin causing severe pain which can potentially lead to death. Torune can call off the insects with a touch of a finger and remove the venom using an antidote. Shikuro Aburame is said to be the only one with an antidote for the insects' venom and the antibodies in his blood to render him immune to the insect's poison, so it is thus assumed that Torune is his son. Like many other Root members, Torune wears a tantō on his back, though he has not yet been seen using it.

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