Kakeru Satsuki

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Kakeru Satsuki (皐月 駆)

Age: 14-16
Birthday: July 18
Zodiac sign: Cancer
Occupation: student, waiter
Eye color: blue (left eye) and yellow (right eye)
Hair color: navy blue
Relations: Kukuri (older sister, deceased)
Power: The Eye of Aeon, Visions of the Future
Likes: Minase Yuka

Kakeru is a young student who was born blind in his right eye, therefore wearing an eyepatch to avoid the stares of others as it also a different color. Aside from his best friend, Minase Yuka, Kakeru closed off his heart due to his traumatic background, which included being raised in an orphanage and having his sister commit suicide. Kakeru and Yuka both went to the same orphanage as children. Kakeru also has a job at a cafe.

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Voice Actors
Ono, Daisuke
Kanada, Aki
Jeon, Gwang ju

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