Udai Taxim

Udai Taxim

Cowboy Bebop
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Udai Taxim (ウダイ・タクシム)
Udai Taxim was an assassin and former member of the European syndicate. He was involved in a plot to kill or injure the former ISSP agent Jet Black, who was one of the few police officers not on the syndicate payroll. As a result Jet lost his arm and was forced to use a prosthetic one.
In 2071 Udai was transferred on a transport prison ship to Pluto when an electrically short-circuiting allowed him and his fellow inmates to hijack the ship. Jet and his former partner at the ISSP, Fad, tracked the ship down and boarded it. Fad killed Udai after he revealed that his partner was the shooter that took Jet's arm.

He uses the same knives as Navajas, the knife thrower from Desperados (1995).

Voice Actors
Hirota, Kousei
Stigler, Barry