Dark Scream

Transformers: Car Robots
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Dark Scream

Darkscream is one of the Predacon soldiers under Sky-Byte's command. Rather flamboyant, he loves to show off his fencing skills. He has an all-absorbent fascination with samurai and swashbuckler dramas. Dark Scream is a fairly competent swordsman (though he often boasts his expertise) and can slice through most alloys with one stroke of the serrated Energon sword hidden in his tail. Nocturnal by nature, he has no trouble with all-night missions. Can virtually escape detection - he emits an electromagnetic cloaking field, is soundless in flight, and disappears in subdued light and shadows. His "Center laser" also has freezing properties. Transforms into a Japanese giant flying squirrel.

(From Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Blum, Steven
Takahashi, Hiroki
Ron, Nir