Gas Skunk

Gas Skunk

Transformers: Car Robots
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Gas Skunk
Gas Skunk is one of the three foot soldiers under Sky-Byte's command. He is snobbish and conceited, traits that are possibly a response to others' treatment of him - being a skunk, most individuals tend to keep a distance from him. Gas Skunk is an expert in demolitions operations and is also something of a technical specialist; able to cobble together intricate devices from the barest of essentials. He can fire time bombs from his right shoulder and emit a gas from his mouth that, if inhaled, causes uncontrollable laughter. In beast mode he can also emit his Death Skunk Attack; which fires a cloud of acid. In robot mode he fired a Left Laser from his left shoulder. He relies on his serrated tail for close range combat.

(From Wikipedia)

Voice Actors
Imamura, Norio
Mendelman, Ami
Seong, Wan Gyeong
Muniz, Sérgio