Transformers: Car Robots
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Slapper is one of the Predacon foot soldiers under Sky-Byte's command and, although its not saying much, is probably the most competent of the Predacon Trio. Slapper seems to be portrayed as Skybytes right hand man. In beast mode, Slapper can leap remarkable distances in a single bound. He can use his long tongue like a whip, dexterously wrapping it around his enemies' weapons to snatch them away. In robot mode, the tongue detaches to be wielded as a weapon. He also has a camouflaged extendible grabber claw which can tear through the hull of a battleship. Slapper has also proven himself to be a supremely competent hacker, able to infiltrate even heavily protected systems. Slapper has a tendency to speak his mind without thinking, often earning his superiors' disapproval. Slapper does tend to be gullible, as he believed Sideburn when he tells him, the he was once a tricycle that fell for a red tricycle. Transforms into a frog. His tongue is over 40 feet (12 m) long and he attacks with his Right Laser in robot mode. In Car Robots, he speaks in Kansai dialect.

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Voice Actors
Naitou, Ryou
Lurie, Peter
Kenneth, Giora
Marques, Carlos