Fumi Kamohara

Mainichi Kaasan
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Fumi Kamohara (鴨原ふみ)

Being the youngest of mom's children, Fumi (age four in season 1), is able to get away with about pretty much anything (especially with dad) with her compelling cuteness. Through the beginning of the series, Fumi is shown to have inherited the 'smarter' genes from her mother which help her decide how she must use her insane amount of cuteness to get her way -which usually result in crying "crocodile tears" as mom says. Fumi isn't always so witty and conniving though. She is shown to truly care for dad and she wants to be seen as a big girl in the eyes of mom. Fumi also has the unique gift of being able to touch people's hearts -which she can do quite easily.

Voice Actors
Fujii, Yuna