Tonbo Tobitake

Tonbo Tobitake

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Tonbo Tobitake (飛竹 トンボ)
Age: 27 (part 1), 31 (part 2)
Birthday: April 4
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Blood type: A
Ninja ID: 010997

Tonbo Tobitake is a Konohagakure Chūnin. Most of his face is wrapped in bandages and he usually has a cigarette in his mouth.

He works under Inoichi Yamanaka in the intelligence core. He was taught by Mawashi Dokuraku,

Tonbo, at first glance gives off a very collected and cool personality. He is described as being very confident in his abilities although not haughty enough to not acknowledge someone else's talent. He is also somewhat rash and quick-tempered by nature as witnessed when he roughed up Komaza to get his point across.

"Tonbo" (蜻蛉) is Japanese for "dragonfly". Dragonflies are famous for their 360° vision, which is ironic considering that Tonbo's eyes and upper face are covered with bandages. While "Tobitake" means "lying [through] the bamboo". A taketonbo (竹とんぼ) is a small bamboo toy that flies when spun between the palms of your hands. So Tonbo's full name could also mean "flying taketonbo".

His favourite food is yakitori and grilled onigiri while his least favourite food is crème fraîche.

Voice Actors
Apostolina, Stephen
Kashii, Shouto