Castlevania: Curse of Darkness
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Hector (ヘクター)
Age: 24
Date of Birth: 1455
Species: Human
Occupation: Devil Forgemaster
Abilities: Devil Forging
Relationships: Rosaly (deceased wife), Julia Laforeze (love interest), Isaac (rival), Dracula (former master)

As a child, animals were always drawn to Hector, causing the people around him to think of him as a freak. This caused his mother to despise him, telling him that she wished he was never born. His father was an alchemist that only ever cared about wealth and being protected by those in power, so he barely ever acknowledged his son. The animals that were so drawn to him decided to help him by setting a church on fire, and telling him to go to the only place he would be accepted: Dracula's Castle.

When Hector first took up devil forging he was thought to be the most promising human there, causing his fellow aspiring Forgemaster, Isaac, to be jealous. He was never concerned about if his power was "evil" as he mastered devil alchemy, and continued to become as powerful as Death. When Dracula ordered his generals to ravage the countryside, Hector obeyed, despite not wishing to harm humans with his power. He pleaded to Dracula for months, but his lord didn't care about his concerns.

Once Dracula heard that Trevor Belmont was on his way to defeat him, he sent Hector to kill him. Hector didn't kill the Belmont, though, and instead took refugee in a church, where Dracula wouldn't be able to sense his powers. Concerned about losing one of his most powerful generals, he sent Isaac to see if he was dead, or if he had just betrayed him. Finding him to be alive, Isaac decided to kill him, rather than return him to the castle. During their battle, they sensed that Belmont had gotten into Dracula's Castle, and defeated Dracula. Isaac was enraged and blamed Hector for Dracula's death, only to be defeated by Hector shortly after.

Hector was convinced to stay by Rosaly, a sister from the church he took refugee in. She convinced him that the castle and it's demons had vanished. Isaac hadn't vanished though and, driven mad by Dracula's curse, watched Hector for three years and let him have peace, just so it would be painful when it was taken from him. This time was up when Rosaly went into the local village to sell apples. She was burned for witchcraft after Isaac had convinced the villagers she was selling poisoned apples. This angered Hector, and he ran after Isaac to Dracula's castle.

While searching the castle's surrounding mountains, he came across a woman named Julia, who had a haunting resemblance to Rosaly. She offers her help by selling him items, as she is also pursuing Isaac. Continuing through a temple, he meets a man by the name of St. Germain. He asks that Hector doesn't pursue Isaac any further. Further on he fights Trevor Belmont, who defeats Hector easily. They exchange names, then part ways.

In a nearby town, Hector fights with Isaac, but is interrupted by Julia, who reveals herself to be Isaac's sister. After angrily confronting her, she tells him that he needs to break the curse inflicted upon Isaac. Later on, Hector once again meets St. Germain. He fights Hector as a test, and lets him continue when he is victorious.

Hector comes across Isaac and Trevor fighting in some ruins, and Isaac flees at the sight of him. Trevor declares that he will be the one to defeat Isaac, not Hector. They fight again later on, and Trevor opens a gate to a hidden chamber after Hector proves himself stronger than before. It is here that he defeats the guardian Dullahan. The battle creates enough black magic to undo the seal, and Dracula's Castle rises.

It is in the castle that Julia tells Hector that Dracula has once again risen, and that she barely managed to save Belmont. As Hector sets off to defeat Dracula, Julia warns him not to let the curse get to him. After fighting Isaac for the last time and defeating him, the priest Zead appears and reveals that Hector was lured to the castle to be a vessel for his lord. He settles for Isaac's corpse and reveals himself to be Dracula's right-hand man: Death. After defeating him, Hector decides to face Dracula instead of fleeing once more. He defeats him before the resurrection is complete, and uses his power to nullify the curse that caused the death of Rosaly and Isaac's fall to madness.

Julia then offers to let him and his innocent devils stay with her, and he accepts.

(Source: Castlevania wiki)

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