Bleach: The Sealed Sword Frenzy
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Baishin (白沙)
Shinigami who appeared in the OVA The Sealed Sword Frenzy.

Baishin's appearance is that of a middle aged man with a beard and blades growing out of his shoulders. He can transform parts of his arms into blades that he can then launch at his enemies. He also wears a samurai-like armor over his shinigami hakama.

400 years prior to the main Bleach storyline Baishin found a way to merge himself with his Zanpakutō, as a result he went on a rampage. He is responsible for the death of 63 seated officers of which some were lieutenants, and proceeded to escape to the real world. A total of six Captains were sent to capture him, two of them which lost their lives while the remainder were able to imprison him

Voice Actors
Nakata, Jouji