Flesh Backbone

Shikabane Hime: Kuro
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Flesh Backbone

One of Umehara’s shikabane hime is Fresh, who is as much an otaku as Umehara himself, although the two can have even more passionate arguments than normal Makina and otaku Keisei would have had over conflicts on two-dimensional vs. three-dimensional or doujinshi vs. figurines. In fact, Fresh is a foreigner who had died in a plane accident on the way to Akihabara: somehow the thought of an otaku shikabane rampaging around Akihabara in search of anime goods is just too funny. The other shikabane hime of Umehara is Touma, who is away on a vacation of sorts and seems to strike fear in her contract monk. Fresh is the unknown female that was peeking outside Makina’s cave, and she has brought news of Makina.

Voice Actors
Endou, Aya
Tipton, Alexis