Masahiro Takenaka

Masahiro Takenaka

Black Lagoon
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Black Lagoon
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Masahiro Takenaka (竹中正洋)

Born in the Adachi ward in Tokyo, Masahiro Takenaka spent much of his life fighting one revolution after another. Originally part of the Japanese Red Army, he had to leave the country after many of his compatriots had been arrested. Now a co-leader of the Protectors of the Islamic Front, Takenaka often finds himself in friendly conflict with his partner and friend Ibraha.

Unlike his hate-inspired friend, years of experience has given Takenaka the ability of rationally analyze any situation. He is calm, good natured, and sociable. Being a communist, he is also an atheist.

He was able to correctly assess that the Lagoon Company, working with Mr. Chang’s Triad, was headed for Basilan in the Philippines to deliver the P.I.F.’s schedule regarding a Presidential assassination in the United States. He successfully captured Rock, who he thought had the papers (they were on Revy), but lost him when Revy, Shenhua and Leigharch mounted a rescue. He also had to kill Ibraha when he tried to order the Basilan insurgents they hired into a suicidal attack on a government base to stop them.

Voice Actors
Sasaki, Katsuhiko
Henderson, Fred
Schnell, Lutz
De Sando, Stefano