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Transformers: Car Robots
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Speedbreaker (スピードブレイカー)
Speedbreaker (Side Burn in English dub) is the youngest and fastest of the the three Car Robo Brothers (Autobot Brothers in English dub), Speedbreaker rockets down highways in his Dodge Viper mode for fun, in pursuit of an enemy - or chasing after his latest flame. Because that's his greatest weakness: the ladies. Every time he sees a little red sports car, he falls in love all over again, but can't seem to comprehend that Earth cars aren't alive. Despite his flaws, he is a courageous and sympathetic Cybertron (Autobot in English dub), always ready to defend those whom he cares about. He also displays a sense of humour, something he thinks his older siblings lack.

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Voice Actors
Wingert, Wally
Destez, Jorge