Rena "Blackrose" Kunisaki

Rena Kunisaki

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Rena Kunisaki (国崎玲奈)

Shugo's twin sister. She introduces Shugo to The World (the MMORPG where this all takes place). She won a pair of rare avatars from a contest (which Aura rigged so Rena would win), which take the form of former heroes from the games. She uses a chibi version of the Black Rose avatar, while giving the other to Shugo. Her class type is Heavy Blade, which is sensible seeing as how headstrong she is. She wishes more than anything for Shugo to be able to become an hero, hence her constant demands that he rescue her. She also wishes for their broken family to be re-united. She also narrates the next episode previews by giving out "special event information". In A.I. Buster 2, it is revealed that Rena used to play a Blademaster named Bridgit before Black Rose. Her character name is Rena not Blackrose, although black rose is her Login Name.

Voice Actors
Nakahara, Mai
Keith, Allison
Schadt, Shandra
Marlot, Frédérique
Rivero, Yensi
Silva, Fátima
Portuguese (BR)