Frankram Stein

Frankram Stein

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Frankram Stein (フランクラム・シュタイン教授 )
A professor that is also perverted like Sakuma but is more vocal about it, even describing why girls dressed in animal cosplay are the best as one of his class lectures. To fulfill his perverted fantasies, he invented a machine called Mimigar Z uses magic to change the students of Magician's Academy into part animal and gives out animal ear headbands to his students. He reinvented the machine to the point that it doesn't rely on magic, which he called Mimigar ZZ. He appears to prefer the ears of animal girls to the point where he is upset, the only thing that can calm him down is if the student wears an animal ear headband. His current invention is Mimigar ZZZ, which is an animal ear headband that forces the user to act tsundere.

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Voice Actors
Hiyama, Nobuyuki