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Roll.EXE (ロール)
Name: Roll EXE (Roll)
Race: Net Navi
Gender: Female
Age: unknown
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 4'6"
Weight: 31.2

Roll is no longer the housekeeping maid she used to be, now she's a battling Navi. Meiru is Roll's operator, and good friend. When Roll is not accompanying Meiru, she often goes off to be with Rockman, Gutsman and Glyde. Roll's design is a very cute one, as well as quite different from her old design in the original Rockman games.

She now has a long ponytail with a bow in it, as well as "antenna" like things that circle around her head. She uses these to attack her foes with, but it's also been shown that she can connect to programs with them as well within the net.

Roll is actually quite a strong fighter, and her attacks reflect her cute style. She has the ability to turn virus foes to her side with a little "love", and her antennas can pack a good punch. Roll actually has numerous default attacks that she needs no battle chips for, including "Roll Whip", "Heart Slash", and "Roll Arrow".

Roll is obviously very affectionate towards Rockman, and often becomes very jealous if another female tries to interfere. She'll do anything it takes to also protect him in battle, though often she becomes more of a distraction for him rather than any help.

Voice Actors
Zann, Lenore
Mari, Valentina
Jou, Masako
Bulara, Fernanda
Alexander, Sharon
Kim, Seon Hye
Leroux, Marianne